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Computers are the exponential growth of technology. Imagine that, how much we have progress in the last decade alone, and after that think about what the next few decades will be like for us all? We will not achieve the same scale of technological growth in the upcoming decade as we have in the past decade. As an alternative the progress over the upcoming ten years will be exponentially more than the last ten years. With the present growth trends, a tablet computer plays a vital role. That’s what we might have a look on upcoming years or so. Here we can see about the computer technology and their scientific innovations.


Tablet Computers

Next Generation Computers

Notebook Computers

Tablet Computers Next Generation Computers Notebook Computers

A tablet computer is a mobile computer which is smaller than notebook computer but larger than a mobile phone. It integrates into a touch screen technology operated by touching the screen rather than using a normal keyboard.

Next generation computers will minimize all the bulky hardware parts. In the future intuitive, nano parts and highly interactive devices will replace the clunky desktop computers and fixed-sized screens that rule our lives today.

A notebook computer is a battery or AC-powered personal computer with thin-screen technology. It is generally smaller than a briefcase that can easily be transported and conveniently used in any place.

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