Home Networking Services

Whether you are a homeowner or home-based small business owner, Contempo services can install a computer network based on your needs.

Why use a Home Network?

Shared Internet Access:
Save money with a home network and one internet access. Networked computer users can share a single Internet connection using a phone modem, cable modem, DSL, wireless, satellite or ISDN connection.

Shared Files and printers:
Through network you don’t have to install the same software on multiple machines and shuffle your data files from one computer to another on disks. A group of computers can share a single printer, cutting the expense of purchasing multiple printers.

Who uses Home networking?

Home Offices:
There are many home-based consultants and entrepreneurs who are familiar with the benefits of the traditional office network environment. These rising groups of professionals often travel with a laptop and usually own a PC for the family, as well. Home networks make it easier to share Internet access, printers and files between these systems.

Families with multiple computers:
Families with multiple computer users can share one internet access account. In the past, family members has to take turns to access the Internet, but home network enables multiple computers to simultaneously share internet access, files, software and other equipment.

Contempo services can do home networking for you. Just call us and we will be there to help you.

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