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Computer Services FAQ

What are contempo services?

Contempo services is one of the fastest growing computer support companies in Chennai that provide sales and support services to both residential as well as private sectors.

Who does all the work?

Troubleshooting of systems is provided by our technical expert. We have a team of such experts who would cater to your needs. You can call us to request a typical kind of service. When you register a request for a service, our customer representative will delegate or assign you a technical expert to solve your problem.


Link exchange program with contempo services can help you generate traffic on your website. You must have however placed our link on your website before submitting your link to our website.
If you do not place our link on your website then your link will be deleted immediately from our website. Verification of links is usually done within minutes on our website.

If you are interested in exchanging links with us, drop us an email with your details at contemposervice@gmail.com. The subject of the mail should be “Exchange a link”. Your email should contain details including URL, description title and Reciprocal URL. You can use the following details for reciprocal URL for your website.

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