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Basic Computer Concepts

What is a Computer?Hardware ComponentsHardware Accessories
Operating System SoftwareSoftware ApplicationsComputer Hardware
What is a NetworkWhat is the InternetOperating System Functions
FilesWhat Files AreFile Types
File ManagementView SettingsFile Backups
Viruses and WormsWorms and PreventionSecuring Your System
The Internet Email SystemE-mail VirusesSpam
Removing VirusesMaking a Boot DiskPasswordWord Security
Computer performanceVirus not a Virus?Managing Photos
Spyware and virusesShare internet access easilyComputer Services
Computer ArchitectureInput DevicesDigital camera
MouseScannerWeb cam
CPU and Storage DevicesProcessorMotherboard
Modemstorage deviceRAM
DisketteHard DriveRemovable hard drive
Zip driveCD-R, CD-RWOutput Devices
Types of ComputerDigital ComputerAnalog Computer
Hybrid Computer

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